back in 1995 everything was still allright and cheap. guitars were given away
for basically free ninety nine , and being from linz, what else than
inhaling dirty air from the steel mill and making even dirtyer noise should we do?
the devil never sleeps, though, and not one band, not even such a politically correct one
like we are can escape from capitalism.
the apartement rents rose, the concert fees went down and
our so beloved audience at uncountable and unforgettable
youth-center-concerts got more and more unmotivated.
therefore we had to get rid of almost every nonloyal member and /or replace em.
what a pitty!
with the new line-up and loaded with unbelievably filthy rock-sins we now play
bastard songs, that everybody will like. even we do.
whoever is offended now , and /or want´s to have a spiritual conversation and/or want´s
to get rid of denunciating complaints may click here now. (Complaints-service center)

and to all the other sinners out there:
let´s rock the establishment till it breaks!


1995:___6 song tape:___"no more, we resist!"_________our fuckin' self rec.____lost

1996:___5 song tape:___"KAPU"____________________our fuckin' self rec.____sold out

1998:___cd:__________"cruisin' out for a good thing"___lufthanfa rec._________burned

2000:___10 inch:______"green"________________________________________distributed by
jurassic punc rec., österreich; rubber city rec. ohio/usa

release mini tour comin´soon!! watch out for dates.