upgradet in march.02

yess, there's new material on the way!
we just finished recording two new un-songs for the upcoming "atomic split" seven inch together
with the awesome check republic band "thema eleven"
the album was fully recorded with atomic power (hehe)
and will be available through instinct records(check republic)
my head is spinning records(austria) and online, of course.
andi and rene -our two new bandmembers- worked their way through the old material pretty well
and even survived our last tour with us so it's officially a 5 piece bastard now.
we're getting ready to hit the road again, together with the n.y. moshers "bottom".
that's gonna be a blast.
grab your beers tight, plug your ears and expect the worst. see you soon...

upgraded 13th aug.01

...long time no news...
it took a while after our last tour for us
to regenerate, sort our braincells and figure out how we gonna go on with the band.
please note, that driving more than 10.000 kilometers, drink industrial quantities
of all kind of different liquors and rock more than 20 shows in
switzerland, spain, netherlands, belgium, germany and austria within a month
can do pretty much damage to your brain and wear you out.
right after we came back home we parted from our former singer adam
for personal reasons. philip, our devot tour base slave only joyned temporary anyway
so we had a little personal bottleneck there.
nevertheless, here's the good news: canItrashcan has a complete line-up again,
new bonecrushing un-songs and is ready to take off for the next tour!
our new baseplayer- former vocalist of the vienna all star crust band program-c -
andi thier gives it a little extra low attack for your digestive-system.
new 2nd guitarist rene -founding member of deadzibel and metal head since it all began -
makes your ears bleed even more and our first singer, mo the dehumanized scream machine
rejoined the band (starting provisional for the tour) to guarantee maximum party factor
and harmonic confusion. hell yeah!
watch out for our new tourdates in sept./oct./ and nov., they will be confirmed soon.

upgraded 16th aug.00

...and the weel keeps spinning...
yesterday we got the sad news that our former base player
is no longer playing with canItrashcan!?.
according to -yet unconfirmed- rumores he did not want to deal
with the growing pressure from the music-industry and the
(we admit it) unbelievable rough band-internal vibes no more.
so we just can wish him all the best for his future and his family.

it has been a great time with you, gupfi, farewell and rock on!!

to avoid any speculations about the future of canItrashcan!? we
would like to clarify that we gonna keep rockin the hell out of it, that's for sure.
and whoever might feel the urge to join our little hardcore-unity now
-presuming that you know how to use an e-base,
and that you have a considerably amount of eagerness- don't hesitate. just feel free to try getting a visa for austria,
move to linz (don«t forget to bring your equipment) ,find a parttime job and contact us.
finally take part in one of our weekly auditions/castings (only after your lawyer
has contacted ours). see how easy that is.

to underline the things above just some more steelhard facts:
for our next -unbelievably fat- european tour
oct./nov. 2000 we could hire mr. rock himself
-sexy-hell-yeah-phillip (deadzibel, strahler 80, born to hula...)
as our devot tour-base-slave . (music-biz insider whisper
about a unimaginably horrible high amount of money
beeing involved...
anyway, we are happy to welcome him in
our stinky little hardcorefamily.

check the dates for the soon-will-be-confirmed
"who«s gonna pay that shit"-europe-tour okt./nov. 2000. still D.I.Y. 100% !!
c u.

upgradet end of mai.00

finally the long awaited boxes arrived. and guess what:
they contained many sweet little records...
it is a strictly limited green 10 inch vinyl collectible so do don't fool around
too long and be quick to get a piece!

simply send us a mail to get one:
or order it the oldschool way from our distros:

Rubber City Records
p.o.box 8349
Ohio 44320

Jurassic Punk Records
Fischboeckau 29
4655 Vorchdorf
Austria/ Europe