Though we don´t have many friends, we act as if and give you a list packed
with hot links

Against Black&Blue (Parties in the new Austrian Government).
Stand up against the narrowing of human rights, against incapacitation of the people,
against a cultur policy that leads to non-critical, flat, boring and single minded crap-culture-scene
based on traditions.and besides, freedom party and all your friends: fuck you, eat shit ,
die and rot in the hell that you´re about to create, we don´t need your fascist populism in austria!!!

der Standard (nice newspaper, online as well )

Deadzibel (Our "neighbours" and members of our "smelling practice-space conspiracy", rock with balls, brain and soul! )
Bug (they sound like they live: in the shadow of the alps.massive apokalypse-core!!)
Strahler 80 (Punk as fuck!)
Texta (our Homies in the charts)
Sensual Love (well motivated Neurosis listeners)
Kapu (the best club, there is)

afternight (supports your band as well! free info and link pool)